BLCKPRNT - Metalcore

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BLCKPRNT - The Rush, Metalcore
The Rush (feat. Bjorn "Speed" Strid from Soilwork)
New Music
BLCKPRNT - The Stall, Metalcore
The Stall (feat. Jon Howard from Threat Signal)
New Music


Band members


Daniel Sifta

Music Production, Mixing


Adolf Stary

Lyrics, Vocals


It all started in Czech Republic nearly 15 years ago, when we used to play live shows together. In 2012 our lives parted ways due to Adolf seeking new life half way across the world, in Canada.

During the hiatus we continued to do music on separate projects, learning new skills and improving the existing. During that time Daniel opened his recording studio. We reconnected to make a song together as marketing material for the studio, but the synergy we used to have back then got reignited, we fell in love with the music we are now creating and decided to form a new Metalcore project called BLCKPRNT.